Excreted Unchanged %
Half-Life (Normalesrd) Hours
Plasma Protein Binding %
Volume Of Distribution L/Kg
Dose For Normal Renal Function
37.5 mg/kg q6h
Adjustment For Renal Failure Method
Adjustment For Renal Failure Gfr, Ml/Min >50 [Recommended Level]
q12h [D]
Adjustment For Renal Failure Gfr, Ml/Min 10-50 [Recommended Level]
q12h-24h [D]
Adjustment For Renal Failure Gfr, Ml/Min <10 [Recommended Level]
q24h-48h [D]
Supplement For Dialysis [Recommendation Level]: Ihd
IHD: Dose after dialysis
Supplement For Dialysis [Recommendation Level]: Pd
PD: 0.5-1 g/d
Supplement For Dialysis [Recommendation Level]: Crrt
CRRT: Dose for GFR 10-50, [B]
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Toxicity Notes
Hepatic dysfunction. Marrow suppression more common in azotemic patients.